The Abigail Fund



The fund

The Abigail Fund was created in loving memory of Robert H. Fisher. Robert was our Board President and life long animal lover. He supported our shelter and most of all the animals, he had a special place in his heart for seniors. So we have created this fund named after one of the worst cases of animal abuse we have experienced; her name was Abigail (pictured above). She was a senior dog that came into our shelter totally emaciated and forgotten. Our Veterinarian said her body was shutting down due to her lack of care and he only gave her 2 months to live. Because of our love and specialized care, she lived over two years. It is stories like hers that inspired this fun. Which is why a percentage of our annual "Robert H. Fischer's Pasta 4 Paws" Fundraiser is designated to keeping his memory and her story alive.  

the Mission

Our Abigail fund is designated for special senior animal vet care. Seniors require more TLC than the average animal; medications, dentals, vet visits, and foster homes. The Abigail fund also supports our Senior 4 Senior program that lowers the adoption fee for senior citizens adopting senior animals. To learn more about our Senior 4 Senior Program Click Here!

If you would like to donate to this fund specifically click below and make sure to write that you are supporting The Abigail Fund in the memo line!

Give The Gift That Keeps on Giving

If you are looking to donate something tangible that will directly effect the animals living and the efficiency of our processes,  LOOK NO FURTHER! 

Below is a list of physical improvements that we are looking to have sponsored. Each sponsorship has been professionally estimated and is completely tax deductible. They will all include recognition for sponsorship on many platforms.

If you are interested in sponsoring a project please contact

IMG_1470 - Copy.JPG

Roof Improvement

The time has come for our roof to need replacing. The back half of our building that houses our animals finally needs to be replaced after nearly 20 years.  The animals at our facility are our top priority, that is why it is so important to us to make sure the roof over our animals heads is safe and leak proof.

Estimated Cost: $20,000


outdoor Dog play areas

Training, exercise, and dog to dog interactions are vital to our dogs metal health and adoptability. The addition of a 50x100 fenced dog play area would allow us the space to be able to expand our Dogs Playing For Life program as well as add to the amount of time each dog gets to spend outside.




Office Remodel

First impressions are everything! Our entrance office area is currently less than inviting. We would love to remodel our entry way by lowering the walls and creating a welcoming environment. It is important that we are able to greet the public and create lasting relationships that will eventually lead to more adoptions and donations. This can all be achieved through the remodel of our front offices.

Estimated Cost: $6,000