Humane Society and Animal Rescue
of Muskegon County
This Humane Society exists primarily on the generous donations of
private individuals, companies and corporations that have a heart
for the care and well being of animals trusted to our care.

If you are moved to make a donation there are several ways to do it.  

To mail in a donation, make checks payable to
Humane Society
and address the envelope to:
Humane Society and Animal Rescue
              PO Box 93
              Muskegon, MI  49443

To donate any of our daily consumables such as:
              Powdered laundry soap
              Spray cleaner  
(no pine scented please)
              Clay cat litter  (please, no clumping, no silicone)
              Dry dog food
              Dry cat food
              Natural colored dog chews
              White out  
(Liquid and dry)
              20# white copy paper
              Kitchen and garbage size plastic bags
              Paper towels
              Gift cards
 (Meijer, Walmart, Petsmart, etc.)
Rubbing alcohol
              Cotton balls
              Liquid hand soap
              Dog and cat shampoo
              Flea dip
Please stop by to drop them off and say hello at:
              2640 Marquette Avenue
              Muskegon, MI  49441
We are a 501c(3) Not for Profit Organization.  All donations are tax deductible to the
extent allowed by law.  Please save all of your receipts, especially for in kind donations.
Map to us