The Muskegon Humane Society is a no-kill, 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1972. 100% donor-funded by individuals and businesses throughout our community, we receive no financial support from the city, county, state or federal government.

We have made it our mission to encourage animal welfare, promote education, work against abuse, but above all else, serve as a shelter for mistreated and abandoned animals until a new forever home is found. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have my adopted animal spayed or neutered when I adopt from the Muskegon Humane Society?

Yes. State law requires that all animals adopted from us be spayed or neutered.

I can no longer care for my pet that I adopted from the Muskegon Humane Society. Can I just give the animal to someone else?

No. Part of the adoption agreement we have with an adoptive family is that the animal is to be returned to the Muskegon Humane Society in the event that an adoptive family can no longer care for the pet.

Do you accept any and all animals at the Muskegon Humane Society?

No. We are a donation only facility and as such have limited resources. We have access to many specific animal rescue groups that we work with to find appropriate places for animals that we are not equipped to handle.

Part of your name is Muskegon County, are you part of or associated with the County of Muskegon?

No. We are not part of the County of Muskegon or its budget, receiving no funds from the County of Muskegon for our operations. We are a privately owned 501(c)3 not for profit corporation. The Humane Society and Animal Rescue of Muskegon County is operated by the private donations of companies and individuals who support our views and philosophy of animal care and adoption.

I have a dog/cat I want/need to surrender.  May I bring it to you?

If you have exhausted all other options and are no longer willing to work with your pet, as a last resort you should look into surrendering to a shelter. We ask that you call ahead to see if we have space for your pet, if we do not; we will add it to our waiting list and call you when a kennel is available for you. We evaluate each animal before we accept it. We do not accept feral cats and if upon evaluation do not feel your animal is safe for our staff and volunteers to handle; we will not be able to accept it. We are a limited admission private no-kill shelter; which means we only take in as many animals as we feel we can properly care for and adopt out. We have no contract with the county and will keep all of our animals as long as it takes for them to be adopted; as long as our Veterinarian and Behaviorist feel they are healthy and adoptable (we follow the nationally accepted Asilomar Accords for this evaluation).  Surrender Fees:  First dog or cat $40.  Each additional dog or cat $25.